We are delighted to have held the ninth in our monthly series of webinars on children’s palliative care. This session covered Spiritual Care and Anticipatory Grief and Bereavement in children’s palliative care.

We plan to run a 1 ½ hour webinar every month on the third Thursday of the month which will usually be from 1-2.30pm UK although the time may vary depending on which time zones the presenters are in so please check each session. We appreciate that this time will not be convenient for everyone, due to work commitments and different time zones, so we will be recording them and making them available here on our website so that you can join us later if you are unable to join us live.

Some of the links that Alex Mancini shared in her presentation are as follows:

You can purchase a physical or online copy of the Case-Based Manual here

You can purchase a physical or online copy of the book: ‘Neonatal Palliative Care for Nurses’ here

Our next webinar will be held on Thursday 18th August 2022 from 1-2.30pm UK time. Please do join us as we look at supporting the adolescent and young adult, along with collaborative working and use of national, regional and international networks.