Under the auspices of the ICPCN and in collaboration with the Lesotho Ministry of Health (MoH) a week-long training of healthcare professionals in the principles of children’s pallaitive care took place in Maseru, the capital of Lesotho, last month. 

The initial training which took place from 16 to 20 January 2017 is being funded by the Open Society Foundations of Southern Africa and is the first training of this kind to take place in the small African mountain kingdom of Lesotho.

The training was led by ICPCN’s Busi Nkosi with assistance from fellow trainers, Joan Marston and Dr Julia Ambler. The 30 healthcare professionals who attended included medical doctors, nurses, pharmacists, Social Workers, priests, a dietician, an Occupational therapist and a Traditional Healer. The aim of this and future training is the development of competence in the deliverance of children’s pallaitive care and the evaluation of its impact at all health centres within the country.

Busi Nkosi reports that  the course was well received and the participants were active and engaged in robust discussions throughout the week.

Lesotho does not have existing children’s palliative care services, despite the need based on the incidence of diseases such as HIV/AIDS and cancer in children. The new collaboration between Lesotho MoH and ICPCN is expected to bring about some positive results.